Seven From Seven: Elephant vaccines and a potential cure for leukaemia

4th February 2022

Photo by Venkat Ragavan from Pexels

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. The Black Pound Report revealed that companies are missing out on £4.5 billion of disposable income of Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic people in the UK by not embedding diversity and inclusion in their brands.
  2. Hong Kong takes another step forward in achieving cleaner air by using roadside sensors to detect vehicles with the dirtiest fumes and forcing owners to get them fixed.
  3. Before its retirement in January 2031, Nasa plans to transition the International Space Station to commercial operations, planning to develop a “low-Earth orbit commercial economy.” After January 2031, the ISS will be crashed into the Pacific Ocean.
  4. Welsh fintech Sonovate – which provides finance and technology services to businesses that engage freelancers and contractors – had a record quarter at the end of 2021, providing funding of £90 million to businesses
  5. A fatal disease that has been killing small elephants may come to an end soon with the trial of a new vaccine.
  6. CAR-T Cell therapy proven to be a method in curing leukaemia after two patients achieve remission over a decade later.
  7. Researchers have discovered that Earth has 14% more species of trees than originally thought, with the majority being found in South American tropical forests.

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