Seven from Seven: Fortune cookies and airships

28th May 2021

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. Food writer Clare Finney explains how after years of vegetarianism, she discovered that regenerative agriculture makes it possible to eat meat and cheese in an environmentally friendly way.
  2. Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed a battery that can function structurally as well as a power source, reducing the weight of battery-powered vehicles or other objects and resulting in significant efficiency gains.
  3. The Remarkablz has launched a new educational, dyslexia-friendly book reimagining the stories of great scientists and engineers as superheroes, recently launching a Kickstarter campaign in partnership with Dekko Comics and artist Fernando Corrales Linares for supporters to get behind.
  4. A small Bedford-based company has developed a new environmentally friendly airship, naming a string of routes it hopes to serve from 2025, including Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca in four and a half hours.
  5. A report has found that the introduction of a four-day working week with no loss of pay by 2025 would reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by 127m tonnes and help the country meet its binding climate targets.
  6. City A.M explores seven out-of-the-box applications of artificial intelligence, from enabling musicians to create better rap music, to writing fortune cookies – the outcome of which was not particularly successful, producing maxims with 75% negative sentiment.
  7. 22-year-old Sophie Backsen won a court judgment forcing Germany to take swifter action to combat climate change, after noticing the threat weather extremes posed to her family farm on the North Sea island of Pellworm.

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