Seven from Seven: Holograms and White Paint

16th April 2021

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. French lawmakers have moved to ban short-haul internal flights where train alternatives exist, to reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Researchers from the University of Cambridge have found that artificially intelligent algorithms used by big tech companies such as Netflix and Facebook could help to predict the ‘biological language’ of cancer and Alzheimer’s.
  3. An analysis of the climate commitments of 401 companies has found that the uptake of genuine and ambitious net-zero targets has more than doubled in the past year.
  4. A new study suggests a link between aluminium in the brain and the early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  5. Academic researchers have produced the whitest-ever paint, with the goal of boosting the cooling of buildings and tackling the climate crisis. The paint reflects 98% of sunlight and radiates infrared heat through the atmosphere into space.
  6. Researchers have discovered how to produce 3D holograms using a new method rooted in deep learning, known as tensor holography, with the potential to enhance a host of systems, from virtual reality to medical imaging.
  7. Apple has created a $200 million fund – The Restore Fund – to invest in forestry projects to help remove 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually from the atmosphere, while also generating financial returns for its investors.

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