Seven From Seven: Jet-Packing Paramedics and Air Purifying Headphones

1st April 2022

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. Dyson has announced its newest product – an air purification system that tackles noise pollution with its attached headphones. The filtered headphones are designed to purify polluted air while the user is outside. Apparently, it’s no April Fools’ joke.
  2. The British Pharmacological Society has developed the technology to test how effective a drug is on a person’s individual genetic code in an effort to stop patients having allergic reactions to prescribed medications.
  3. A robotic dog will be managing the archaeological site of Pompeii, where it will identify structural and safety issues as well as inspecting tunnels once dug by thieves.
  4. Lake District paramedics have begun testing the use of jet-packs to reach stranded hikers. The jet-packs are to be used as a first response source, to treat the person on site or care for them until more help can arrive.
  5. New investment firm Climate VC launches, ready to support start-ups with a focus on climate change and carbon emissions.
  6. UK scientists developed an anti-biotic that could save millions from drug-resistant superbugs. The drug is based on the idea of killing the bacteria without damaging the tissue of the patient.
  7. Research conducted by a climate and energy think tank discovers that 50 countries receive more than a tenth of their power from wind and solar energy. This demand for sustainable energy comes after the pandemic lockdowns and the need to create space from Russia’s oil and gas industries.

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