Seven From Seven: Power Stations in Space and Anti-Propaganda Spam

18th March 2022

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. The UK Space Agency and Rolls-Royce are developing a power station that generates water and breathable oxygen in space.
  2. New advances in healthcare technology would mean people who take tablets everyday could swap to a new weekly pill that dissolves slowly in the stomach over seven days.
  3. Hackers and activists have come together to send Russian citizens e-mails that expose the truth of the situation in Ukraine to undermine Russian government propaganda.
  4. Scientists have developed a t-shirt fabric that monitors the wearer’s heartbeat in real time, allowing wearers to monitor their heart and respiratory condition.
  5. The number of UK workers in jobs has risen by 275,000 from January to February, taking the total to 29.7 million.
  6. An American-Swiss start-up has created a mechanical energy storage system to mitigate against the variability of renewables. When demand is low, excess renewable electricity is used to raise 35-ton bricks, which produce kinetic energy when they return to the ground under the force of gravity when electricity demand is high.
  7. The BBC reports that a small town in Scotland will become the first to be completely powered by green hydrogen gas as part of the H100 project. A 200m wind turbine will generate electricity to power an electrolyser, which turns water into hydrogen gas and oxygen. The hydrogen will then be stored in pressurised secure tanks, before being pumped into people’s homes.

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