Seven from Seven: Robotic Starfish and Pet Portraits

12th November 2021

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. New RNA sprays have been created as a new form of pesticide to silence the genes of the weeds and insect pests causing damage to crops.
  2. The world’s first ‘net positive’ submarine, named the Esmeralda01, is helping to cleanse the seas of microplastic, whilst also transporting international cargo.
  3. Tiny robots that mimic the movement of a starfish larva are being designed to deliver drugs to specific diseased cells with greater accuracy.
  4. Google’s newest ‘Pet Portraits’ app uses machine learning to match pets to their art lookalikes.
  5. The Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sport has teamed up with Microsoft to digitally recreate Olympia, where the first ever Olympic Games were held in 776 BC.
  6. Researchers in Japan have created a vaccine that was able to significantly reduce the negative health effects of HIV in monkeys during an early trial.
  7. A rare, 45-year-old Apple-1 computer built and tested by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold for $400,000 at auction, with the winning bidder paying another $100,000 in fees to the auction house.

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