Seven From Seven: Self-medicating dolphins and Love Island gets thrifty

20th May 2022

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. This year’s Love Island contestants will be styled by eBay to promote wearing second-hand clothes. Previously the show had only used and advertised fast-fashion brands.
  2. Nasa’s rover Perseverance begins its climb up a delta in the Jezero Crater. The rover will collect rocks for scientists to later examine for any signs of ancient life.
  3. The UK government has launched the Flexible Plastic Fund with the aim of creating collection and recycling systems for flexible plastics that currently don’t get recycled in curb-side collection.
  4. The Guardian reports that US physicists are hoping to get a glimpse into the chemical elements that build the world around us by creating thousands of peculiar and unstable atoms never before recorded on Earth.
  5. A new AI-based app has been developed to help insomnia sufferers get to sleep without the use of sleeping pills. The app provides a self-help programme and a sleep diary for users to utilise.
  6. Researchers have found that dolphins in the Red Sea rub against corals and sponges that have medicinal properties to ward off skin diseases. After separating the mucus from the corals, researchers found 17 different biologically active compounds that could potentially treat human skin conditions.
  7. Whatsapp is testing a new feature that will let users leave group chats without alerting the other members. The feature will be in a future update, exciting many introverts.

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