Seven from Seven: Supersonic Aircrafts and Kinetic Dancefloors

15th October 2021

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. Nasa has developed the ‘X-59 QueSST’ as the newest and quietest edition to its supersonic aircraft fleet, with an aerodynamic design that enables it to fly faster than sound without producing a loud, disruptive sonic boom.
  2. A breed of Chilean trees is providing molecules with medical and cleaning purposes, used to successfully develop vaccines against shingles, COVID-19, and malaria.
  3. The Williams Formula One racing team has set ambitious targets to become carbon positive by 2030 by using 100% sustainable fuels and developing their own carbon capture technologies.
  4. William Shatner has become the oldest person to travel to the edge of space, at 90 years old, travelling alongside three other members of the public, with Jeff Bezos’ rocket company.
  5. In what is known as the Ego4D project, Facebook is creating an artificial intelligence capable of viewing and interacting with the outside world like a person.
  6. Smart headbands are being developed to tackle stress and anxiety, as well as to improve performance in sport.
  7. Coldplay have just announced their first eco-friendly tour kicking off in March 2022, which among other green innovations, will use ‘kinetic flooring’ to capture the movement of fans to partly power the concerts.

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