Seven From Seven:A multi-million-pound prize on dementia and plant-based beer bottles

27th June 2022

Each week, we scour the worlds of innovation, tech for good and social impact to bring you seven of our top stories…

  1. At an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of Challenge Works (the new name of Nesta Challenges), Alzheimer’s Society, Innovate UK and the Medical Research Council announced the £4.1m Longitude Prize on Dementia. It will award innovators who develop new technologies that use AI and machine learning to help people living with dementia bridge cognitive gaps as their condition develops.
  2. Scientists are developing odour-control fabrics to help reduce the amount of laundry done weekly . The scientists, who are taking learnings from sports apparel, hope these fabrics will reduce the need for people to wash their clothes so frequently, which currently has a huge energy footprint consuming an estimated 100 trillion watts of electricity globally per year.
  3. Carlsberg is set to trial 8000 sustainable bio-based beer bottles. The bottles are fully recyclable and consist of wood fibre and plant-based polymer lining. This serves as an example of how brands can decrease their over-reliance on plastics, reducing carbon emissions and improving recyclability in the process.
  4. Scientists have found fossils that could still hold dinosaur DNA. The research has paved the way for the prospect of de-extinction, which could give species lost forever a second chance for life on Earth.
  5. In a plan to help improve the sustainability of future space missions, the UK Government has committed £5 million to clean up the millions of shards of debris in orbit around Earth. New measures also include regulating commercial satellite launches and rewarding companies that minimise their footprint in space.
  6. New York-based start-up, Amogy, is redefining Ammonia – a familiar household cleaning product – as a sustainable fuel for cargo fleets by pairing it with power-generating technology. It’s hoped that this will play a significant part in the global push for emission-free hydrogen fuel.
  7. Amazon’s virtual assistant technology, Alexa, is to be updated to impersonate the voices of current or previous users, including those who have passed away. The update will help current users remember loved ones through technology by hearing their voice when they wish to.

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