WFH365: Julia

17th March 2021

It is a year since the Seven team started working from home. This week, we’re reflecting on a time few of us will ever forget, especially Julia who joined Seven during the first lockdown…

WFH365: Julia

It has been a surreal year to say the least!

When I first got a job offer at Seven in February 2020, I was so excited – I had fortunately met the team in person and had a couple of days of work experience in the office, and it was clear that this was the place for me.

Nobody could have predicted that in the time between receiving the job offer and officially joining in April, we would have a global pandemic on our hands!

This is my first full-time job, and an unconventional one at that, as I have only experienced it through the remote, and all too familiar, mediums of Zoom, Teams and Outlook.

The thing I miss the most is interacting with people face-to-face, especially when it comes to learning from and observing my fellow colleagues in action – just to get a better idea of what the pre-pandemic job entails. Thankfully, I have been supported by my team every step along the way.

Plus, as it turns out, I have quite enjoyed the rhythm and flexibility of working from home, particularly as it has meant I can avoid the London commute that I had initially dreaded upon moving to the city!

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